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Keen Learners - Montessori

About Us


Madhu Gupta

Madhu has been working with 2-8-year-old children for the last 14 years and completely understands the needs of children and how to fulfill them. Her vision is to establish a well-planned and structured preschool and after-school program that promotes academic, social, and emotional development under the Montessori philosophy. Her years of experience working at top Montessori programs in the Bay Area and as a mother of two herself, she understands the importance of premium education and works to provide that level of excellence at Keen Learners Montessori in a loving caring, and nurturing environment.

Rajesh Gupta

I am an author, entrepreneur, investor, community leader, and philanthropist. I co-founded KLM to develop creative minds, build a better foundation for children, and better relationships between parent and child.

Every day, I wake up to this thought that we are preparing a magic formula that’s helping thousands of parents and children, helping them have the foundation and the right education so they grow up as better citizens.

My mission is to develop creative minds, build better relationships between parents and their children, and build a stable children’s foundation so a great future is within reach.



Our school provides a prepared environment that encourages children to participate in hands on activities with their peers, explore their independence, reach new heights educationally and personally, nurturing their personalities / critical thinking / problem-solving skills in the process.


We cover different topics in our daily circle time and curriculum such as: insects, botany, wildlife, sea creatures, astronomy/planets, continents/cultural knowledge and much more.


 Our teachers provide each student with engaging worksheets and activities catered to each student’s abilities and growth.


   Each week is a new theme, new fun, and new exciting ventures for our children, always maximizing their potential for growth.We are a year around school that has many holiday celebrations, winter show, field trips, and much more.We offer programs for children ages 2-6. 


Our classrooms are set up with areas of practical life, sensorial, math, language, cultural and manipulative materials. The curriculum and materials focus on teaching  concentration, order, coordination and independence to our children.


We also use a theme based curriculum to educate the children in various aspects such as: geography, science experiments, art, culture, festivals, seasons, and weather. 

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